What's Happening with Manucy Realty & Associates?

Goodbye Florida! Hello Indiana!

Pat Trent lived in her Lakewood home for 40 years along with her husband William Trent who had since passed. Now she's entering a new chapter of her life and leaving sunny Florida for Indiana, to live close to her son. She asked Linda to list her house because she didn't trust anyone else!
Various pictures are posted below of us assisting with preparing for her move. The day soon arrived where it was time to say good bye. Dinner at San Jose Country Club with family and friends. Click on picture below for more photos!

Sometimes, before a home can even be listed for sale, it needs to be made ready; this is one of those times!

For the 3rd weekend straight, we're back in Jacksonville packing and prepping; our client, Ms. Pat calls us the "dynamic duo!"

Service with a smile... Update regarding our newest client.

Remember, from our last post, our newest client, the elderly lady with mobility issues? Well, we’re on-site again today!

We’re here to take her perishable food items, ones that wouldn’t survive the move, to feed the homeless. Also taking some of her possessions, that are part of the down-sizing, to be donated to Goodwill!

Stay tuned for listing information!


Our newest client, a wonderful elderly woman who requires a walker for mobility, chose Manucy Realty & Associates to list her Jacksonville home for sale. Unfortunately, her mobility issues, severely limit her ability to pack up her belongings.

Thankfully, when we say full-service, we MEAN full-service! We will really go that extra mile to sell your home!

Our beloved Mother celebrating her 90th birthday during Christmas week!


Pink Up the Pace Update!

Although Brenda wasn't feeling well on race day, she still posted a very respectable 26 minutes time! That time was good enough to place 146th overall out of a field of 2,400 AND 7th out of 174 in her age bracket! Congratulations, Brenda!

Additionally, Brenda collaborated with RJ Murray Middle School to help design this year's race shirts!  Two students designed the ACTUAL RACE SHIRT. Brenda worked with the founder of PUTP & a Murray Middle School design class to get this initiative underway. Now PUTP is using middle schoolers to design the future race shirts.

(Pictured are some friends of Manucy Realty & Associates; buyers, sellers and their children and the newly designed race shirts!)

"It's CLOSING time!"

Those my be words that bring back sad memories of times when the party was over, but not in this case! For Manucy Realty & Associates, these are words of pure joy! Specifically, we successfully navigated some pretty rough seas to close another home sale!

This journey began several months ago when we were lucky to be contacted to list a mobile home, and surrounding property, for sale. Not long afterwards, a young couple from Massachusetts saw this listing and flew here, with their young child, to view this Palm Coast home.

They envisioned the home as it COULD be with some basic improvements, which would allow them to comitt to purchasing the home. Add a significant remodel along the way and, slowly, but surely, this property would become their dream home near the beach in the Hammocks.

Obstacle after obstacle each step of the way. Repairs, extensions, then more repairs needed to meet guidelines, mobile home HUD plates lost and researched and found... the list seemed endless! Though, with early morning and late night collaborations between the buyer, seller, lender and Manucy Realty & Associates, we made it happen and closed the deal to the immense satisfaction of all!

Thank you to all involved! We hope that you'll give us a call and allow us to be your Realty advocate!

St. Augustine Pink Up The Pace Sponsor!

We are very pleased to announce that, besides running in this awesome 5K this year, we're also now a Sponsor!

Please take a look at this link: https://www.pinkupthepace.com and consider getting involved as well!

What's a Realtor Who's a Manucy Do on a Beautiful August Weekend...?

... well, how about combining Minorcan bait casting/fishing with scouting home properties for clients?! Yeah, that sounds like fun AND dedication to the business of quickly satisfying clients! (Click the picture below to see more!)

It's Closing Time!

Another awesome closing by Linda Beason! Thanks very much to Therese & Luther Devine. We trust that you and your son, Alex, will enjoy your new home for many years to come!

We may be a newer Real Estate Brokerage here in St. Augustine, but in addition to our YEARS of Real Estate knowledge, our name (Manucy) has been a familiar one for a LONG time!

The Oldest Wooden School House Historic Museum & Gardens welcomes visitors to the unique Minorcan homestead of Juan Genopoly, established in the late 1700’s. Preservation, conservation, interpretation, and education are the cornerstones of this rich historic treasure.

The Attraction
The Old School offers the opportunity for people of all ages to see an ORIGINAL American Treasure. The Genopoly House has been preserved to reflect the homestead life of the Minorcan Settlers as well as school life in the 1800s. There, they are proud to provide recreational and educational entertainment for visiting families and students. The self-guided experience begins as the Professor comes to life and welcomes you! All visitors receive a diploma after exploring the Old School, kitchen and gardens! Tour reservations are encouraged for groups of 10 or more.

Seen in these pictures below, taken at a 1931 class reunion, which depict the LAST class attending school, the Class of 1864, are THREE Manucy's - Evelina, John & Jane!

Now that's some history worth knowing when you're searching for a St. Augustine home!

Happy Father's Day!

How do two realtors celebrate Father's Day? They honor their father by continuing a tradition!

St. Augustine dubbed the best place to live in Florida

From News4Jax

By Garrett Pelican - Digital executive producer

Another Major Milestone Achieved!

April 24, 2019 - a VERY auspicious day in Manucy Realty & Associates young history!

Why? On this day, Linda Beason closed on her very first home for our fledgling agency! Please join us in celebrating this milestone by giving this post a "Like" and dropping a comment for Linda!

We asked Linda to tell the heartwarming story and here it is, in Linda's own words:

"Adrea was a first time home buyer who desperately wanted to get out of the renting world. Like almost every first time home buyer, Adrea didn't know what is involved in the process of buying a home. She was apprehensive and nervous about taking this journey. Luckily, Adrea was referred to me by a loyal client, with whom I am currently working, who attends the same church as does Adrea! She told Adrea, 'Linda listens to what are your needs and what it is that you really want in a home. She makes the buying process an enjoyable one. You can trust her.'

At the beginning of March, Adrea contacted me expressing to me all that she wanted in her dream home. Being a single parent; she's a mother of a 10 year daughter who was already enrolled in school, the right location was essential. After viewing only three homes, Adrea exclaimed, 'this is it, this is the one!' Within minutes, I had the offer created, signed, organized and submitted. No happy ending yet, though, as an offer had come in before ours. To our great disappointment, that other offer had been accepted. Adrea was devastated, but, undaunted, we restarted our search. However, I never gave up on that house for Adrea. I viewed the "Back on the Market" listings obsessively! Then, about 2 weeks later, there it was, 'Back on the Market!' Needless to say, I quickly recreated the offer, delivered it and, this time, it was OUR offer that was the one accepted! Shortly thereafter, on April 24, 2019, we closed on Adrea's very first home!

I am honored that Adrea put her faith in me and Manucy Realty & Associates to achieve her dream of owning a home. I love that part of my job the best!"

Our First Ever Closing!

Not long ago we posted on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/manucyrealty/), about the whirlwind tour of available homes in the Jax area for a NY couple that had 4 days to see and decide. We posted afterwards that we were successful and found them their dream home!

Well, today we're thrilled to announce that we completed our very first CLOSING!

Maria & John Pires, welcome to Northeast Florida and thank you very much for putting your trust into Manucy Realty & Associates!

(Pictured: the dream home, very cool, hand-made, thank-you gift baskets and the moment of truth - signing!)

It Seems Like We're Always Running!

So, just to make sure that we put our money where our feet are, here's an update regarding our earlier post on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/manucyrealty/) about the Run for ReAnna: we did well!

Brenda Beason Manucy finished FIRST in her age bracket (17th overall) and Linda Beason finished 3rd in her age bracket!

You might say we're "twinning!"

Let us put this same zeal to work for you; we are The Property Sisters!