About Us

Manucy Realty & Associates is an independently owned and operated real estate firm located in St. Augustine, Florida where a slice of the idea of old St. Augustine and “down home” still exist; where humble roots were born & humble beginnings start.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Manucy Realty & Associates is to represent and serve our customers with excellence, professionalism, honesty, integrity, and with the customer’s best interest at heart with unfailing attention to detail. Manucy Realty & Associates is dedicated to the highest standards necessary to fulfill all of your real estate dreams.

Vision Statement

Our Vision for Manucy Realty & Associates is having the highest utmost reputation & with the conviction that it is the result of service that is honest, with diligence, and with integrity to all of our customers and with their vision in mind. That is our Vision and our Promise.

In todays real estate market, you need to work with real estate professionals you can trust. We are dedicated to providing the absolute finest service and expertise possible for our customers. With todays complex real estate market, it is important for our customers to fully understand each phase of the transaction. Our desire is to have both buyers and sellers knowledgeable of each step involved in the real estate process, so that they are able to make informed decisions regarding the sale or purchase of their place they call home. Let your home buying experience be an enjoyable time rather than a frustrating and over whelming one!

Whether you are buying a new home to relocate here in NEFL or as a second home to escape harsher winders or as an investment property; or selling your home here to relocate elsewhere, Manucy Realty & Associates is a business you can trust and that can help make your home ownership dreams a reality.

Brenda Beason Manucy, M.B.A

Cell: 386-538-1352
Email: [email protected]
6010 US Highway 1 South
St. Augustine, Florida 32086

Brenda has practiced real estate full time in St. Augustine and surrounding counties for over 20 years and has resided in this beautiful and welcoming area for 39 years. Brenda holds a BS in Marketing and has a Master’s degree in Business. She is sought out in this community for real estate needs because of her “down home” approach and trustworthiness, as well as for her in-depth knowledge of this region and her marketing skills. In today’s market, Brenda feels very strongly that a buyer and seller need to work with a real estate professional they can trust. She prides herself on her knowledge of each step involved in the real estate process and, regardless of if her client is a buyer or a seller, is easily able to impart that knowledge; so that they can make an informed decision regarding the sale or purchase of their home. Brenda feels this is of utmost importance, especially when working with out-of-county or out-of-state residents as they don’t know the area or legal pitfalls.

Brenda has the distinct honor of being chosen three times (2017, 2018, 2019) by the residents of St. Augustine and Jacksonville as a “Five-Star Real Estate Professional.” Respondents were asked to consider real estate agents that they knew through personal experience and to evaluate them based on the following criteria: Customer service, direct and honest communication, finding the “perfect” home, integrity, effective negotiation skills, marketing efforts, industry and market knowledge, dedication and overall satisfaction. These are, in fact, the suite of skills, for which Brenda has become widely known!

Brenda enjoys time with her family in Colorado and Tennessee. She is avid runner and runs many local 5K, marathons and Ultras. Brenda feels very strongly about Breast cancer awareness. She runs for local causes and has helped raise thousands of dollars for the biggest 5K race in St. Augustine, Pink Up The Pace, a local race for Breast cancer awareness. The money raised goes directly to local women and men, who are suffering with Breast Cancer.

Linda Beason, Realtor, M.Ed.

Cell: 904-476-5990
Email: [email protected]
6010 US Highway 1 South
St. Augustine, Florida 32086

Linda Beason comes from a humble, hardworking family from Michigan and who, since 1982, now calls St. Augustine, FL home. Since then, Linda has served over 30 years in the human service field. Linda’s service experience and her strong work ethic, instilled in her from her parents, propelled her into a successful Real Estate career.

Linda has unparalleled ability at building relationships with her clients. She demonstrates empathy in assisting her clients in realizing their dreams. Linda says always, “Dreams are dreams until you act upon them and then they become reality.” Linda offers 24/7 availability and expert advice regarding any real estate transaction. “Buying and selling a home is a lifetime investment for most. I strongly believe that investment needs to be managed professionally by a Real Estate Agent with an equal belief in the importance of the owning and selling a home.”

People trust her because she will “tell it as it is.” She is known to provide all the necessary facts and figures so that her clients can make the most informed decisions. She is meticulous and has a keen eye and attention to detail. Linda has a reputation of honesty, integrity, and determination to get the closing done quickly accurately and expeditiously!

In addition to real estate, Linda loves going to the gym and life on the water. Most importantly, she loves spending time with her family.